IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Console Operations Eğitimi

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IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Console Operations (TOS60G)

IBM Course Code: TOS60G

This course introduces IBM Endpoint Manager 9, and applies to all minor versions of the product. The course content consists of presentations, instructor narrative, product demonstration videos, interactive knowledge quizzes, and hands-on lab exercises. The content is technical in nature and assumes a working knowledge of computer administration plus familiarity with networking concepts. No product experience is required. This course is foundational for all products in the IBM Endpoint Manager family, but comprehensive coverage is limited to Patch Management. Additional training is recommended for other capabilities such as Security Configuration Management, Asset Discovery, Software Use Analysis, Power Management, Remote Control, OS Deployment, Mobile Device Management, and Core Protection (from malware or data loss).

What You'll Learn

  • Describe product purpose, capabilities, features, and benefits
  • Identify roles, tools, platform components and their behaviors
  • Use management console to locate content documents of interest
  • Manage computers and groups, and assign computers to operators
  • Describe content types, structure, and evaluation loop processing
  • Enable content sites, and manage permissions and subscriptions
  • Create custom content sites and set their operator permissions
  • Create baselines, apply patches, and monitor patch compliance
  • Activate analysis, use dashboards, and prepare Web Reports
  • Define essential product terminology for all product users

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate introductory course is for IEM 9 users.


You should understand basic networking concepts and have a working knowledge of computer administration. System Administrators should consider taking the course�IBM Endpoint Manager 9 Platform Fundamentals (TOS51).

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Product overview
    • Product purpose, features, and benefits
    • Management capabilities of product family
  • Platform components
    • User roles and tools
    • Platform components and behaviors
  • Management Console
    • Console operator activities
    • Console layout and controls
    • Console preferences and navigation
  • Computer management
    • Computer properties and settings
    • Computer groups
    • Operator assignment
  • Content management
    • Content types, structure, and evaluation process
    • Content sites and subscriptions
    • Custom content sites
  • Patch Management
    • Relevant patch identification and application
    • Multiple patch deployment, with and without baselines
    • Analyses and dashboards
    • Custom Actions, and software management wizards
  • Management reporting
    • Web Reports preparation
    • Data exploration with Web Reports

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