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1 Day ILT    

Anyone who has responsibility for tuning and basic setup of OS/400. Before taking this course students should be able to to do the following: Start and Stop the Operating System Start and Stop subsystems Manage job, message and output queues Describe security concepts and create user profiles.

This Classroom course explains how to balance the workload of the I-Series system to ensure optimum performance. Specifically this course explains how to manage workloads measure system performance and tune the operating system to meet processing requirements. This course is run using Version R520 of the software

This course covers : Creating subsystems: guidelines for pools,work entries, priorities. Basic system tuning WRKSYSSTS etc. Paging DB/ NDB faults, activity levels, dynamic tuner (QPFRADJ). Transferring to another subsystem, rerouting between pools. Key system values affecting performance. Managing storage, batch commands, synchronous & asynchronous I/O processing. Internal job structure. Task-dispatcher: active/ wait/ ineligible states, timeslice, PURGE-*YES/ *NO. Performance Advisor for basic tuning.

On completion, you will be able to : Manage jobs by modifying subsystem descriptions, controlling batch jobs and tailoring job descriptions. Create unique environments to run jobs. Tune the performance of the system using pools/activity levels, execution parameters and system values.

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