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IBM Intelligent Operations Center Customization and Configuration Course (9J03G )

IBM Course Code: 9J03G

Intelligent Operations Center is a complex solution, which is used for city governance. Installation of Intelligent Operations Center is a lengthy process that requires many configurations in order to make it fully functional after installation. The installation methods and the various configurations to be done before and after the installation is discussed in this course. The Intelligent Operations Center user interface is the first aspect which needs to be customized as per specific client requirements. This course introduces you to the various user interface customization options along with detailed steps on how to perform them.

Configuring security for Intelligent Operations Center is important as the solution is central to essential operations. The various techniques that are used to implement security along with detailed steps on how to configure them are discussed in this course. Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is the common format used for message transmission. But Intelligent Operations Center also supports Non-CAP XML message transmission. This transmission requires some additional configurations. These configuration steps are discussed in detail.

Resource processing is a key feature of Intelligent Operations Center, which helps city officials to track the resources, which are available to handle events at different parts of a city. This process involves keeping the resource details up to date as and when they are added, removed, or updated. The options to perform these resource configurations are discussed in detail in this course.

What You'll Learn

  • Discuss installation and configuration of Intelligent Operations Center.
  • Explain the options to customize portlets and pages in the user interface.
  • Illustrate the steps to create a report using Cognos Reports Studio.
  • Demonstrate the steps to implement access control in the Intelligent Operations Center.
  • Outline the password management policies in the Intelligent Operations Center.
  • Describe the Resource Management sub system of Intelligent Operations Center.
  • Demonstrate the steps to configure resources and add capabilities to them.
  • Demonstrate the steps to implement Non CAP XML processing.
  • Describe the check points in the Even Processing Subsystem.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is designed for technical architects, consultants, developers, system integrators and administrators who want to understand how to customize and configure the Intelligent Operations center solution.


You should have completed:

  • Intelligent Operations Center Fundamentals (9J010) course

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Installation and Configuration
  • User Interface and Reports Customization
  • Security Configuration
  • Resource Configuration
  • Event Configuration

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