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2 Days ILT    

IBM Maximo for Service Providers 7.5.3 (TR691G)

IBM Course Code: TR691G

Service providers who manage assets must improve service levels and customer response while improving cash flow and controlling costs. Many companies transfer specific functions to the service provider, improving focus on core business and mission while reducing overhead. This 3-day workshop guides you through IBM Maximo for Service Providers 7.5.3. Students perform hands-on exercises developing service level agreements, create response plans, develop customer agreements, complete work orders and complete service requests. Finally, students bill the customer.

What You'll Learn

  • Create security groups, customer options, and access list
  • Create service level agreements (SLAs) with escalations
  • Create response plans and create imbedded job plans
  • Create customer agreements, price schedules, and sales orders
  • Initiate and complete SR, workorder, and sales order for SLAs, response plans, and customer agreements
  • Describe and perform billings
  • Design workflow to flag required missing fields and automatically apply SLAs, response plans, and customer agreements

Who Needs to Attend

This is a basic course for anyone who needs to get started with Maximo for Service Providers.


You should:

  • Understand the Tivoli Process Automation Engine (TPAE)
  • Have practical experience with Maximo Asset Manager

Recommended course:

  • Tivoli's Process Automation Engine 7.5 Fundamentals (TR711), or equivalent experience.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

IBM Maximo for Service Providers

  • The Service provider solution
  • Service Provider applications

Service Provider base configuration

  • System Configuration and initial data setup overview
  • Entering and configuring organizations and sites
  • Locations and classifications
  • Defining and registering users and labor
  • Price books and condition-enabled items

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) application

  • SLA overview
  • SLA application tabs
  • SLA matching and setting
  • SLA exercise scenario
  • Response plans

Customer Agreements

  • Customer Agreement tab
  • Billing schedule
  • Price schedules
  • Terms and conditions
  • Customer agreement exercise

Service Provider workflow automation

  • Workflow implementation overview
  • Workflow applications
  • Supporting applications overview

Service Provider service requests

  • Overview
  • The Service Request for Service Providers application

Service Provider billing

  • Billing
  • Customer review

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