IBM Power HA for i, Clustering and IASP Implementation Eğitimi

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4 Days ILT    
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IBM  » Operating Systems Eğitimler

This is an intermediate technical course for systems programmers and administrators who are considering high availability options for their IBM i environment.

The purpose of the class is to teach students how to create and use IASPs in a variety of application environments. Also, once the IASPs have been created and used in a standalone environment, the student will learn how to use IBM i clusters, geographic mirroring, and copy services to make the IASP highly available.

Unit 1-Unit 13

Name the types of objects that can be placed in an IASP Describe the methods used to access information in an IASP Create an IASP Use an IASP to support a variety of application functions Manage a system with IASPs Describe the different availability options using clusters and IASPs Create a cluster Make an IASP highly available with geographic mirroring Practice switchover and failover operations Explain the management considerations for systems in a cluster

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