IBM PureData System for Analytics Advanced Concepts Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

IBM PureData System for Analytics Advanced Concepts (1W512G)

IBM Course Code: 1W512G

This course teaches participants advanced database administration skills for the IBM PureData System for Analytics (PDA) N1001 and N2001 appliances. This course is designed to give participants a working knowledge and understanding on IBM PureData System for Analytics (PDA) N1001 and N2001 appliance internals to optimize IBM PDA performance and tune system parameters. This course provides an overview of IBM PDA administration and analysis.

It includes content and labs on the features introduced in NPS 7 including full schema support.

What You'll Learn

  • Analyze Plan files
  • Perform query analysis and troubleshooting
  • Optimize data distributions
  • Interact with advanced CLI commands
  • Use nzsql and workload management:
    • Determine workload management requirements
    • Make use of the System Management functionality

Who Needs to Attend

Database administrators, system administrators, application developers, and data warehouse architects.


Participants who have successfully completed the IBM PureData System for Analytics Appliance Usage course have satisfied the prerequisite requirements to attend this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • High availability architecture
  • DBOS internals and system log files
  • nzsql and scripting
  • nzevents and event processing
  • Analyzing plan files
  • Analyzing and optimizing query performance
  • Workload management
  • System management
  • Configuring query history
  • Backup and restore
  • Security including authenticating users with LDAP, SSL

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