IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System 4.4 Configuration Eğitimi

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IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System 4.4 Configuration (XIS02G)

IBM Course Code: XIS02

The IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System Configuration and Deployment course provides concepts, methods and practices necessary to successfully use IBM Security Network IPS. This course focuses on providing in-depth practices necessary to successfully manage IBM Security Network IPS appliances. You will get indepth hands-on lab exercises to learn about the appliance's operational modes and how to properly deploy the appliance in any environment. You will also master configuring and managing a IBM Security Network IPS appliance.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe intrusion prevention concepts, IBM Protocol Analysis Module, and the IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Connect the IBM Security Network IPS to your network
  • Configure the initial settings on the IBM Security Network IPS and register it with SiteProtector
  • Manage IBM Security Network IPS using SiteProtector
  • Configure firewall rules
  • Configure protection domains, security events, and response filters
  • Configure connection events, tuning parameters, OpenSignature events, and user defined events
  • Configure the X-Force Virtual patch, data loss prevention, and web application protection policies
  • Explain how to enable SNORT functionality and configure SNORT rules

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is for Customers, Business Partners, Global Training Partners, and all commercial audiences.


As this course only leverages the IBM Security SiteProtector System console, you of this class should have mastered that product prior to attending.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Security overview
  • Protocol analysis module
  • Introduction to IBM Security Network Intrusion Prevention System
  • Connecting the appliance
  • Setting up the appliance
  • Managing the appliance
  • Configuring firewall
  • Configuring security events
  • Configuring user specified policies
  • Configuring protection policies
  • Configuring SNORT

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