IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.3 Administration and Operations Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.3 Administration and Operations (TP302G)

IBM Course Code: TOS94G

Learn how to administer and use the major functions of SmartCloud Orchestrator. The primary focus is on using the product-provided features to get the most value from your investment. You learn how to perform common administrative tasks like restarting the software stack, creating users and groups, and registering new images into the cloud environment. You also gain insight into creating virtual system patterns to model groups of virtual systems so that they can be deployed as a single entity.

Please note that this course provides demonstrations of hands-on lab exercises. Students who prefer live hands-on labs should take course IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.3 Administration and Operations (TP302), which is offered in both self-paced online and classroom format.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe the challenges that can be addressed by using IBM SmartCloud® Orchestrator
  • Describe the key features of SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Describe the positioning of SmartCloud Orchestrator within the Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure portfolio
  • Describe the architecture of the key SmartCloud Orchestrator components
  • Describe the architecture and key projects of OpenStack
  • Describe the interaction between SmartCloud Orchestrator and OpenStack
  • Describe the ways IBM® SmartCloud Orchestrator can be deployed
  • Prepare for an IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator installation
  • Install IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Verify an IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator installation
  • Describe post-installation options and considerations
  • Start and stop SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Start and stop the SmartCloud Orchestrator components
  • Access and describe the purposes of the SmartCloud Orchestrator user interfaces
  • List the major SmartCloud Orchestrator objects and their relationships
  • Manage the segregation of the delivery environment with cloud groups, IP groups, and environment profiles
  • Create and manage users, projects, and domains
  • Manage images in the environment
  • Describe the role of the Virtual Image Library in SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Describe the role of the Image Construction and Composition Tool in SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Describe the information flow for images between the SmartCloud Orchestrator components
  • Describe and create virtual system patterns
  • Describe virtual application patterns
  • Start and stop deployed virtual machines
  • Change the CPU and memory on an existing virtual machine
  • Describe the complexities related to the need for more disk space
  • Take and restore snapshots of virtual machines
  • Describe interaction between SmartCloud Orchestrator �and Business Process Manager
  • Define self-service categories
  • Define and invoke self-service offerings
  • Manage self-service tasks
  • Define and invoke an orchestration action
  • Check request status by using the My Request tool

Who Needs to Attend

This course is for anyone who needs a technical foundation in IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator functional architecture, installation, administration, and operation.


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Introducing SmartCloud Orchestrator 2.3
  • Understanding SmartCloud Orchestrator architecture
  • Installing SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Administering SmartCloud Orchestrator
  • Creating and managing objects
  • Managing images
  • Building virtual system patterns
  • Managing the deployed environment
  • Using Business Process Manager in SmartCloud Orchestrator

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