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IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services: Content Management V5.0 (0V002G)

IBM Course Code: 0V002G

IBM Cognos Collaboration and Deployment Services: Content Management (V5.0) is an intermediate, one-day web-based training course. It is designed to teach content repository users the basics of object and asset management, security, and shared resource usage. Students focus on the makeup of the content repository and its objects. They will learn how to add, download, and delete repository objects. They will learn about the logical hierarchy structure and how organizations can impose their hierarchies on the system. Finally they will learn how to import, export, and promote objects for use in multi-repository environments. Students will have opportunities to actively learn the software by participating in knowledge checks and guided interactive demonstrations. At the end of each lesson, they will practice the skills they learned throughout the course in a learning activity.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for:

  • Users (Collaboration and Deployment users who access the content repository)
  • Analytical Asset Managers


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Overview of Collaboration and Deployment Services

  • What is Collaboration and Deployment Services?
  • What Can Collaboration and Deployment Services Do for You?
  • Logical Architecture
  • Deployment Manager
  • The Content Repository
  • The Job Editor Tool
  • The Server Administration Tool
  • The Enterprise View Tool
  • The Model Management Dashboard

Content: Assets and Permissions

  • Key Terms
  • The File and Folder Structure
  • Asset Security and Permissions
  • Modify Asset Permissions
  • Default Publishing Permissions
  • Upload Files
  • Download Files
  • Delete Files

Work with Asset Properties

  • Property Scope
  • General Object Properties
  • Object Versions
  • Access Different Versions
  • Description Labels
  • Add Labels to an Object Version
  • Custom Properties
  • Add Custom Properties

Search For Assets

  • Simple Search
  • Advanced Search
  • Search Results
  • Access Search Results
  • Advanced Search Steps

Track Asset Changes

  • Subscriptions and Notifications: Overview
  • Subscribe to an Asset Using Deployment Manager
  • Subscribe to an Asset Using the Deployment Portal
  • Create Content Notifications
  • Create Email Entries
  • Dynamic Assist Text

Access Files From Other Applications

  • Connect to the Repository
  • Retrieve Assets
  • The Modeler Repository Explorer
  • Store Assets in the Repository
  • Store Assets From Modeler

Advanced Content Operations

  • Multiple Repositories: Overview
  • Overview: Import, Export, and Promote Content
  • Export Guidelines
  • Export Folders
  • Import Guidelines
  • Import Folders
  • Resolve Import Conflict
  • Resolve Import Conflict Globally
  • Advanced Operations on Locked Objects
  • Promotion: Why Promote?
  • Promotion Objects
  • Promotion Considerations

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