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This basic course is intended for users of IBM SPSS Data Collection Author that need to create and deploy surveys.

IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Base) (V7) is a one day course designed to be the first step of a complete Author training solution. Regardless of your deployment options (Web, Telephone, Paper, Data Entry or Interviewer), this course will teach you how to create a variety of survey questions, how to use external content when available, how surveys are structured and managed and finally how to implement and validate survey logic. Having acquired this grounding in survey creation, the second step involves taking additional courses that teach how to integrate your specific deployment requirements - for example; adding images, web pages templates, sample and quota for web surveys. Each of these additional courses also take you through the final step of survey deployment.

Lesson 1 - Introduction Course Methodology Author Course Package Objectives Product Name References Data Collection Developer Library Supporting Materials Company Description Lesson 2 - Author Overview Objectives Accessing Author Author Interface Learning Activity Lesson 3 - Using Pre-Created Content First Objectives Working with external content Author Library Learning Activity Lesson 4 - Info questions, Working with Text and Review Objectives Create Information question Managing Text Reviewing question and survey Learning Activity Lesson 5 - Basic Categorical Questions Objectives Create categorical question Learning Activity Lesson 6 - Complex Categorical Questions Objectives Shared Lists Filtered categorical questions Learning Activity Lesson 7 - Unstructured Questions Objectives Create numeric questions Create text questions Learning Activity Lesson 8 - Grid Questions Objectives Sublists Create categorical grid questions Create unstructured grid questions Learning Activity Lesson 9 - Looped Questions Objectives Create looped questions Learning Activity Lesson 10 - Basic Survey Flow Objectives Categorical response skip options Bookmarks Exit Survey Learning Activity Lesson 11 - Complex Survey Flow Objectives Skip statement in Survey Setting question response Learning Activity Lesson 12 - Survey Validation Objectives Survey Validation Learning Activity Lesson 13 - Course Summary Objectives Next Steps Post Training Resources

Please refer to course overview for description information.

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