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This basic course is intended for users of IBM SPSS Data Collection Author that need to create and deploy web surveys.

IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Web Module) (V7) is a one day course designed as an extension of the IBM SPSS Data Collection Survey Authoring (Base) (V7) course. It builds on the base knowledge acquired from that course with content related to web based surveys. All web based content is covered, including survey design features like grouping questions; controlling response order; applying web formatting; integrating images; dynamically inserting labels and question presentation views. The concept of web templates is covered as well as the integration of sample and quota functionality. The final lesson provides the steps required to deploy or activate the survey.

Lesson 1 - Introduction Course Methodology Objectives Product Name References Author Course Package Data Collection Developer Library Supporting Materials Company Description Lesson 2 - Routing Settings Objectives Routing name Survey level template Interviewing mode Learning Activity Lesson 3 - Grouping Questions Together Objectives Multiple questions on a page Learning Activity Lesson 4 - Response Order Objectives Response order Fix responses Learning Activity Lesson 5 - Presentation Controls Objectives Presentation controls Setting response orientation Setting response presentation view Learning Activity Lesson 6 - Images Objectives Images for responses Images for question labels Learning Activity Lesson 7 - Formatting Objectives Formatting Format question labels Format responses Format grids Learning Activity Lesson 8 - Inserts Objectives Inserts for dynamic text Learning Activity Lesson 9 - Web Templates Objectives Web templates Referencing web templates Learning Activity Lesson 10 - Sample Objectives Sample integration Create a sample file Read sample information into survey Writing survey data into sample Replicate sample record Learning Activity Lesson 11 - Quota Objectives Quota Integration Create a quota table Quota checks in survey Validate quota integration Setting question response Learning Activity Lesson 12 - Deployment Objectives Deploy survey Learning Activity Lesson 13 - Course Summary Objectives Next Steps Post Training Resources

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