IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation Item and Pricing Configuration Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

IBM® Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation Item and Pricing Configuration (6F04G)

IBM Course Code: 6F04G

This 2-day instructor-led course provides students with an understanding of how to configure Items and Pricing using IBM® Sterling Business Center. This course is primarily designed for Item, Pricing, Hub, and Enterprise administrative users of IBM® Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Foundation.

This course begins with an introduction to Sterling Business Center and the tasks that can be performed using this application. The course then proceeds to explain concepts related to Items and Pricing, such as Catalog Management, Item Administration, Attributes and Price Rules, Coupons, Quote and Opportunity Management and System Configuration tasks.

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What You'll Learn

  • Describe Item and Pricing concepts
  • Launch and navigate Business Center
  • Create Items, Catalogs, Categories, and Classification
  • Create Customer Definitions
  • Configure Item-related tasks
  • Manage Category and Item Attributes
  • Create Price Lists, Price Rules, and Coupons
  • Assign Price Lists, Price Rules, and Coupons to customers
  • Manage Opportunity and Quote Configurations
  • Manage System Configurations and Customizations

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is designed to train Item, Pricing, Hub, and Enterprise administrative users to create and configure items and pricing.


You should have completed:

  • Participant Modeling and User Security Instructor-Led course
  • Process Modeling Instructor-Led course

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Course Overview
  • Unit 1. Introduction to Business Center
    • Lesson 1.2. Introduction to Business Center
    • Exercise 1.2.1. Launch Business Center
  • Unit 2. Item Concepts
    • Lesson 2.1. Catalog Management
    • Exercise 2.1.1. Create a Catalog and Category
    • Lesson 2.2. Customer Definitions
    • Exercise 2.2.1. Create a Customer
    • Exercise 2.2.2. Add a Customer Membership Level
    • Lesson 2.3. Item Administration
    • Exercise 2.3.1 Create an Item
    • Exercise 2.3.2 Create a Classification
    • Lesson 2.4. Manage Attributes
    • Exercise 2.4.1. Assign Attribute Values to Items
    • Lesson 2.5. Services and Fulfillment Configuration
    • Exercise 2.5.1. Create a Delivery Service Item
  • Unit 3. Pricing Concepts
    • Lesson 3.1. Price List Management
    • Exercise 3.1.1. Create a Price List
    • Lesson 3.2. Pricing Rules
    • Exercise 3.2.1. Create a Pricing Rule
    • Lesson 3.3. Coupons
    • Exercise 3.3.1. Create a Coupon
    • Lesson 3.4. Quote Approval Management
  • Unit 4. System Configurations
    • Lesson 4.1. Opportunity and Quote Management
    • Exercise 4.1.1. Add Lead Origin for Opportunity
    • Exercise 4.1.2 Create a Notes Reason
    • Lesson 4.2. Validation and Override Rules
  • Course Wrap Up

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