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1 Day ILT    

This basic course is designed for the Item and Pricing Administrators to create various Models.

This 2-day instructor-led course provides you with an overview on Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler. It enables you (item and pricing administrators) to configure and maintain Models that are used by customers to configure items of their choice. This course teaches you the techniques, tools, and recommended practices that can be used to create Model Groups, Models, Option Classes, Option Items, and Option Class Groups. It also helps you create properties and rules that are associated with the Models to enable customers pick the correct items when building items of their choice. In addition to the basic concepts, this course provides hands-on and demonstration exercises along with the informational content. The hands-on exercises enable you to practice certain tasks on the system while the demo exercises help to reinforce the concepts you learned.

Course Overview Lesson 1. Product Overview Lesson 2: Configuring Models Exercise 2: Create a Model Group and Create a Model Lesson 3: Option Class and Option Groups Exercise 3: Create Option Classes, Attach Option Class Groups to the Model, Add Option Items and Item IDs to the Option Classes, Attach Option Item Groups to Option Classes Lesson 4: Working with Properties and Lists Exercise 4: Create a Model with UEV Input, Setting the Display Properties, Create a Worksheet, Create a List Lesson 5: Working with Rules Exercise 5: Creating Rule with Error Message, Expansion Action, Assignment Action Lesson 6: Option Constraints and Features Exercise 7: Creating a Constraint Table and Executing a Report Lesson 7: Course Wrap Up

Demonstrate high-level understanding of Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler concepts. Configure Models and Model Groups. Configure Option Classes and Option Groups. Define Properties and Lists to work along with the Model. Configure Rules and Option Constraints. Explain miscellaneous functionalities integral to Sterling Configurator Visual Modeler.

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