IBM Systems Director 6.3 Hands-on Workshop Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

IBM Systems Director 6.3 Hands-on Workshop (XTR42G)

IBM Course Code: XTR42

IBM Systems Director 6.x is a platform management foundation that streamlines the way physical and virtual systems are managed across a heterogeneous environment. By using industry standards, IBM Systems Director supports multiple operating systems and virtualization technologies across IBM and non-IBM x86 platforms. This one day course is designed to provide remote hands-on opportunity to install and work with selected base features of IBM Systems Director. It begins with a short review of key concepts of IBM Systems Director. Most of the class time is designed for hands-on labs including the installation of IBM Systems Director, working with the user interface while also doing an initial discovery of resources, update a system BIOS level using Update Manager, installing both Platform agent and Common agent using the Agent Installation wizard, view problem events with Status Manager as well as modify the health summary view.

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What You'll Learn

  • Install IBM Systems Director server on System x platforms
  • Install IBM Systems Director Platform and Common agents
  • Learn how to exploit selected IBM Systems Director base functions including Update Manager and Status Manager

Who Needs to Attend

Enrollment in this intermediate course is not restricted. However, those taking this course include technical IBM personnel from the FTSS, ATS, and Techline organizations as well as business partner technical personnel involved with planning, installation, configuration, and upgrading of System x servers and use of IBM Systems Director systems management software.


You should have completed the following courses, or have equivalent skill:

  • System x Technical Principles (XTR11)
  • IBM Systems Director 6.3x Introduction (XTR46)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Course administration and introduction
  • Unit 1 - IBM Systems Director 6.3 Overview
  • Lab 1 - Install IBM System Director 6.3
  • Lab 2 - Getting Started with IBM Systems Director
  • Lab 3 - Work with Platform Agent
  • Lab 4 - Work with Common Agent
  • Lab 5 - Work with Status Manager
  • Lab 6 - Work with Update Manager

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