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1 Day ILT    

This advanced course is for individuals responsible for the deployment, troubleshooting, and ongoing performance maintenance of IBM Tivoli Directory Server distributed environments.

Learn to plan and construct complex, distributed, IBM Tivoli Directory Server (ITDS) environments using several methods. Through hands-on labs you create multi-server replicated directories, including a proxy server. You also work on various tuning and troubleshooting techniques. Throughout the course you learn concepts, then apply them in hands-on labs, which comprise over 50% of the course. This course is also avaialable as an instructor-led online class. See course IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 Advanced Deployment (ILO) (8W233G) for details.

Unit 1: Distributed Directories Forms of Distribution Creating Simple Replication Creating Replication Using idsideploy Replication Topology Objects Changing the Topology Partial Replication Unit 2: Deploying Proxy Server Proxy Overview Proxy Creation Proxy Administration Proxy High Availability Unit 3: Managing Updates Types of Updates Zero Downtime Scenario 1 Zero Downtime Scenario 2 Unit 4: Troubleshooting Distributed Directories Monitoring Replication Status Common Replication Problems

Describe the different deployment options with ITDS Describe the criteria used to set up the optimal ITDS deployment Set up a distributed ITDS deployment using replication Set up a distributed ITDS deployment using proxy server Plan and perform ITDS updates with minimal downtime using replication Plan and perform ITDS updates with minimal downtime using proxy server Identify problems with distributed ITDS deployments Troubleshoot problems with distributed ITDS deployments

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