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IBM  » WebSphere Commerce Eğitimler
IBM  » WebSphere Commerce Eğitimler

IBM® WebSphere Commerce V7 Server Expert Arena (6E216G)

IBM Course Code: 6E216G

This Expert Arena provides you with two virtual systems to be accessed remotely. The two virtual systems consist of a Windows Client and a SUSE Enterprise Linux server with WebSphere Commerce V7 installed. You can interact with a WebSphere Commerce V7 server without having to install the software themselves.

It is designed for administrators, developers, and business users who are interested in working with and exploring the latest WebSphere Commerce V7 functions.

IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 is the latest offering of the market leading e-commerce solution. It provides a next-generation solution that is designed to address the e-commerce needs of a company. WebSphere Commerce helps companies of all sizes enable their customers to do business on demand. It also delivers a market-leading customer interaction platform, which enables companies to provide a rich, customer-centric experience across multiple channels and touch points.

In this Expert Arena, you gain access to a working server environment (WebSphere Commerce Server V7) and a working client environment that can use the administration tools for WebSphere Commerce. You access this environment remotely from their own desktop. Whether they want to extend their classroom experience by practicing new skills, use an experimental environment for developing and deploying business applications, or use the tutorials that are provided in the hosted environment, you can use the Expert Arena to gain practical experience using IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 in a working environment.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for e-commerce administrators, developers, and business users that are interested in working with WebSphere Commerce.


You should be:

  • familiar with the existing or previous version of IBM WebSphere Commerce

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • IBM WebSphere Commerce V7 with Feature Pack 4 and Fixpack 4 installed
  • WebSphere Application Server ND V7.0.0.23
  • DB2 V9.5 fix pack 7
  • IBM Sales Center (Lotus Expeditor 6.2)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer V7
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6

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