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IBM zPDT System (WRZ11G)

IBM Course Code: WRZ11G

Customers are often reluctant to have too much experimental development on their production machine, even if it is contained in a separate LPAR. Systems programmers may need a sandbox at a more "hands on" level than provided by an LPAR in a production machine. Remote developers may have latency difficulties with very distant 3270 emulator sessions. Production machines may simply lack spare cycles to accommodate developers. The IBM zPDT product can address these problems. It provides a full z/OS system on a Linux PC base. This workshop discusses and demonstrates zPDT in considerable detail.

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What You'll Learn

The zPDT system is described and demonstrated in considerable detail. Students will understand the uses and limitations of zPDT systems, where they may fit in their installations and where they may be inappropriate

Who Needs to Attend

IBM or customers, generally expected to be z/OS users interested in development platforms


Students are expected to understand general System z and z/OS terminology and operation

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Initial demonstration
  • Brief description of various paths to obtain zPDT; 1090 vs 1091 tokens
  • (zPDT ordering and licensing details are not discussed in this workshop)
  • Basic zPDT description
  • System z level
  • Device managers
  • Administrative Interface
  • Installation
  • Linux and PC requirements
  • zPDT token requirements
  • Installation process for zPDT and possibly x3270
  • z/OS installation (AD-CD system)
  • Startup and operation
  • Additional topics
  • DASD versioning, DASD migration, 3390 creation
  • Crypto facilities
  • LAN connections, with multiple scenarios
  • zPDT license manager and scenarios
  • Virtualization scenarios and issues
  • z/VM, z/VSE, Linux for System z
  • Performance
  • Parallel Sysplex operation (and demonstration)
  • Lengthy FAQ and Q&A session
  • Optional: Students with laptop can connect to TSO and try i

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