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5 Days ILT    
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HP  » Product and Skills Eğitimler

IMC Essentials for Network Administrators (HL048)

In this course, you will cover the features of HP Intelligent Management Center Software Platform (IMC). You will learn how IMC can be used for fault management, configuration and change management, accounting management, performance management, and security management in a manner consistent with the osi management framework. You will get hands-on experience using IMC to manage ComWare and ProVision products as well as products from third party vendors like Cisco, Microsoft, and VMware.

What You'll Learn

  • Isolate faults in your environment
  • Make configuration changes to your computing environment
  • Manage the performance of your environment
  • Increase the security of your environment

Who Needs to Attend

  • Network engineers and administrators
  • Network architects and consultants


Experience in the networking field

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Designing Your Network Management Architecture for Success

  • Steps for deploying NMA
  • Main features of IMC
  • Differentiating between IMC Standard and Enterprise
  • What IMC modules can accomplish

2. IMC Technical Design

  • Demonstrating how SNMP uses MIBs to gather data
  • SOA based model for IMC
  • Differentiating between Centralized, Distributed, Hierarchical and Hybrid
  • Calculating Collection units give the number of performance metrics and polling times

3. IMC Modules

  • Licensing of IMC base platform and its various modules
  • Illustrating how IMC modules can be implemented to create a holistic solution
  • Selecting modules based on requirements provided
  • Determining what method of install is recommended

4. Using IMC for Network Assessment

  • Using IMC to gather data on devices in a network
  • Defining the devices to be managed
  • Collecting information about the devices
  • Displaying reports about the devices

5. Getting Started with IMC

  • Configuring IMC for daily use
  • Defining group setting to enable user privileges
  • Features that are required by most deployments
  • Creating workflows to improve alarm and event handling in IMC

6. View Management

  • Modifying the layout of Network Devices
  • Contrasting functions available in topology views to device view
  • Selecting which view is better to use
  • Accessing and controlling devices in either topology or device view

7. Intelligent Configuration Center- iCC

  • Device backup handling in IMC with baselines
  • Completing software library configuration
  • Completing auto-backup scheduling
  • Creating Workflows to backup devices software and configurations
  • Useful configuration comparisons

8. Multi-Vendor VLAN Management

  • VLANs for organization
  • VLANs per Trunk
  • Manipulating VLANs in IMC
  • Creating Workflows to enable VLAN management across vendor switches

9. Network Traffic Analysis

  • What Network Traffic Analysis does
  • Installing and configuring Network Traffic Analyzer
  • Using Network Traffic Analyzer
  • Illustrating how Network Traffic Analysis with other IMC tools can provide insight into network issues

10. Performance Management

  • Performance Metrics required for measurement
  • Creating operator based view of the performance metrics
  • Why one should NOT measure everything
  • Using Port Groups

11. ACL Management

  • Capabilities of IMC's ACL Management interface
  • Components of and types of ACLs
  • Using ACL Templates, ACL Resource pages, and the ACL Assistant

12. Events and Alarms

  • Discriminating between recovered and acknowledged
  • Forwarding syslog and traps via e-mail
  • Adding a note to an Alarm

13. Reporting

  • Comparing Real Time Reports, My Quick Report, and My Scheduled Report
  • E-mailing reports to users
  • Using custom views to focus reports
  • Selecting which Operator Groups will be able to access a report

14. Virtual Network Management

  • Parameters to configure a SOAP template
  • Reviewing the virtual switch and its physical switch connection
  • Configuring an LACP connection
  • Port Groups are used to measure performance

15. IMC My Shortcuts

  • My shortcuts uses in IMC
  • Conducting an assessment using IMC Wizard
  • Accessing different sections of IMC

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