Implementing a cloud with xcat and moab Eğitimi

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2 Days ILT    

Implementing a cloud with xcat and moab (XTR60G)

IBM Course Code: XTR60

This is an advanced course that incorporates lecture material on IBM cloud architecture and hands-on lab exercises using the Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT) and the Moab Adaptive Computing Suite by Adaptive Computing. The student will gain a thorough understanding of IBM cloud architectures, xCAT, Moab, and their use in creating and managing a cloud infrastructure.

What You'll Learn

  • Define what cloud computing is
  • Recognize what cloud computing is not
  • List the benefits of cloud computing in the enterprise
  • Describe the service and delivery models of cloud computing
  • Recognize some of the IBM Cloud Computing Solutions currently offered
  • Explain the benefits of the IBM CloudBurst solution
  • List the features and benefits of the IBM BladeCenter Foundation for Cloud
  • List the benefits of the Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT)
  • Define how xCAT assists in rapid cloud deployment
  • Define and list the benefits of stateless provisioning
  • Define the pre-installation steps of the Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit
  • (xCAT)
  • List the steps required to install xCAT
  • Define the steps necessary to configure a Management node using xCAT tables
  • Explain the types of provisioning xCAT supports
  • Describe the hands-on lab hardware and software environment including best
  • practices
  • List the features and functions of the Moab Adaptive Computing Suite
  • Explain how custom triggers and workflows assist in automating common tasks
  • Describe how Moab, along with xCAT, provides a total cloud management
  • solution
  • List some of the diagnostic commands provided by Moab
  • Describe the Moab hands-on lab exercises

Who Needs to Attend

This is an intermediate course for individuals who are involved in the planning, installation, configuration and upgrading of System x Enterprise servers.


You should have:

  • Some experience with Intel-based computer hardware and Windows or Linux operating systems

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: IBM cloud computing overview
  • Lab exercises 1 and 2
  • Day 2
  • Unit 2: Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit
  • Lab exercises 3 through 14

Day 3

  • Lab exercises 3 through 14 (continued if needed)
  • Unit 3: Moab Adaptive Computing Suite (Adaptive Computing)
  • Lab exercises 15 through 18

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