Implementing IBM SmartCloud Provisioning on System x Eğitimi

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Implementing IBM SmartCloud Provisioning on System x (1SX3G)

IBM Course Code: 1SX30

You will learn how to install and configure SmartCloud provisioning on a System x server. Discussions will provide details about the hardware and software requirements including the use of System x blade and Redhat 6 operating system, portal access for administration, monitoring, debugging, as well as the available trouble-shooting tools.

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What You'll Learn

  • Describe the IBM SmartCloud Provisioning (SCP) product offering.
  • Perform the installation of SCP 1.2 on a RedHat System x server
  • Configure SCP on a System x server
  • Use SCP to perform basic administrative tasks:
    • Create a virtual environment for testing or running workloads.
    • Minimize amount of physical HW and setup time.
    • Utilize scalability and automation features to manage the virtual environments.
  • Use appropriate tools to manage complex image repository
  • Use SCP Administration and Troubleshooting tools

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course will help anyone responsible for implementing and managing a virtualized dynamic infrastructure on System x servers. You will learn how to implement and manage a private cloud infrastructure using IBM SmartCloud Provisioning on System x.

The audience for this training includes the following:

  • System x technical support individuals
  • System x system administrators
  • System x system engineers
  • System x system architects


You are expected to have:

  • basic VMWare skills and
  • basic understanding of Clouds

Some of these prerequisites may be met by attending the following IBM courses:

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing Architecture (1SM00)
  • Implementing a cloud with xcar and moab (XTR60)
  • Implementing SmartCloud Entry on System x (1SX20)

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