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This course is for Information Security professionals, Database Administrators, Auditors.

This course offers a balanced mix of lectures, hands-on lab work, case studies, and testing. Students will learn how to create reports, audits, alerts, metrics, compliance oversight processes, and database access policies and controls. Students will also learn about system administration, archiving, purging, and back-ups

InfoSphere Guardium Guardium Architecture CLI - Command Line Interface Access Management System View and Administration Console I System View and Administration Console II S-TAP and GIM Group Builder Policies CAS, VA, and Discovery Custom Query and Report Building Compliance Workflow Automation

Identify the methods that Guardium uses to capture database traffic Navigate the CLI Update the network configuration on an appliance Understand S-TAP and how to install it Create a policy or set of policies to meet your requirements Install and manage policies Understand the major components of the Configuration Auditing System (CAS) Explain how to create custom queries and reports Understand how to consolidate and automate audit activities into a compliance workflow

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