Introduction to HP NonStop NetBatch Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

This course is suitable for System operators, System administrators andTechnical support analysts.

This course provides a basic introduction to batch processing concepts, exposing how these fit into the HP NonStop system environment. Topics includeNetBatch product overview, software installation instructions, and planning, setup, and usageguidelines for NetBatch objects. This one-daycourse is 30 percent lecture and 70 percent hands-on labs using HP servers.

Module 1 – Introduction to NetBatch OLTP versus batch processing Overview of NetBatch features and functions Usage of NetBatch subsystem Module 2 – NetBatch Architecture NetBatch software and environment Definition and purpose of NetBatch components Module 3 – NetBatch Installation Command interfaces NetBatch attributes and commands Starting and stopping the NetBatch application Lab: installation and coldload Module 4 – Scheduler Management Overview of scheduler management Scheduler attributes and commands Configuring scheduler Labs: scheduler management job control and operations; scheduler management configuration Module 5 – Job and Executor Management Tasks Planning jobs and procedures Job attributes and scheduling Managing jobs Processing states Lab: job and executor attributes Module 6 – Generating Run Calendar Calendar fileBATCHCALLabs: BATCHCAL and scheduling time options; spooler operations

Understand the major features and functions of NetBatch Understand the NetBatch architecture and how it organizes jobs and system resources Configure and customize the scheduler and its objects Use scheduler commands Understand the importance of good planning procedures Submit and manage jobs Learn how to track job flow through the system,from job submission to spooled output

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