Introduction to IBM SPSS Maps (V20) Eğitimi

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Introduction to IBM SPSS Maps (V20) (0J760G)

IBM Course Code: 0J760G

Introduction to IBM SPSS Maps (V20) is a recorded course that teaches customers, who are familiar with IBM® SPSS® Statistics, how to create and edit maps using the IBM® SPSS® Statistics Graphboard Template Chooser. Specifically, customers will learn how to take data with a geographical component and create different types of maps that allow one to see patterns in the data that might not be evident in traditional charts. They will also learn how to use the Map Conversion Utility to create additional map template files.

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is for:

  • data analysts
  • anyone reporting research findings
  • consumers


You should have:

  • General computer literacy
  • Completion of the "Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics" courses or experience with IBM SPSS Statistics including familiarity with opening, defining, and saving data files and manipulating and saving output

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Course Description
  • Objectives
  • Supporting Materials
  • Course Assumptions

Introduction to the Graphboard Template Chooser

  • Explain the basic elements of the Graphboard Template Chooser interface
  • Create a graph that represents the relationship between variables
  • Create a map that takes into account the geographical location of the data

Converting and Distributing Map Shapefiles

  • Explain where the Graphboard Template Chooser manages map shapefiles
  • Edit an existing SMZ file to create a new map shapefile
  • Import an SMZ file into the Manage system of the Graphboard Template Chooser

Creating Maps

  • Create maps that takes into account the location of the data including:
    • Create Choropleth maps
    • Create Coordinate maps
    • Bars (Pie/Line Chart) on a map
    • Point (Polygon/Line) overlap maps

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