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This intermediate course is intended for anyone interested in analyzing text data.

Introduction to IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys (V4.0.1) is a two-day course shows you how to analyze text or open-ended survey questions using IBM SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys. You will see the complete set of steps involved in working with text data, from reading the text data to exporting the final categories for additional analysis. Topics include how to automatically and manually create and modify categories, and how to edit synonym, type, and exclude dictionaries. Also included are examples of how to create resource templates and Text Analysis packages to share your work with other projects and other users.

Course Introduction Introduction to Analyzing Text Explain basic elements involved in analyzing text data Explain what is text analysis Describe a typical text analysis session Describe some issues and considerations when analyzing text data Creating a New Project Create a new project in IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Create a new project by importing a statistics file Create a new project by importing an Excel file Describe the IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys interface Project and Data Properties View and modify project and data properties Edit project properties Edit data properties View an entire project Extracting Concepts, Types, and Patterns Understand the link between the extracted information and the original response Extract concepts Extract types Extract patterns The Extraction Process Extract concepts, types, and patterns within IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Know the steps of the extraction process Refine extraction results Use extraction options Linguistic Resources Modify the linguistic resources Access project libraries and dictionaries Create types Create synonyms Create exclusions Reviewing Categories Review categories and see how they are related to the concepts and text itself Use TAPs to create categories Review content category and relate it to the actual responses Understand relationships among categories bu using visual techniques Categorization Techniques Learn available categorization techniques Explain general approaches to categorization Use linguistic based categorization Use frequency based categorization Categorizing Responses Create categories automatically Create categories manually Create category rules Advanced Categorization Explain options available in the advanced resources Import code frames Improve categorization by extending categories Improve category documentation through response flags and Exporting Categories Export to IBM SPSS Statistics Export to Excel Export summary graphs Managing and Re-Using Resources Manage and reuse linguistic resources Manage and reuse a template Manage and reuse a TAP Manage and reuse libraries Tips and Hints Improve efficiency in IBM SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys Work with multiple questions on the same project Re-use categories Course Summary

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