Introduction to IBM Unica Interact Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

Introduction to IBM Unica Interact (9S323G )

IBM Course Code: 9S323

This course introduces participants to the operational procedures in the IBM Unica Interact software for creating interactions with a marketing touchpoint. The course provides a thorough introduction to the process of configuring an interaction, building interactive flowcharts, and using profile and real-time data. (This course does not include instruction in the Java coding necessary to link the touchpoint with IBM Unica Campaign.)

What You'll Learn

  • Describe IBM Unica Interact, its marketing uses, and its relationship to IBM Unica
  • Identify key roles and tasks in IBM Unica Interact and touchpoint integration
  • Describe and complete the process for configuring an interaction
  • Design interactive flowcharts
  • Identify and describe the purpose of runtime components of IBM Unica Interact

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is for IBM Unica Interact users who will be building real-time interactions.


  • Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign or equivalent
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Windows and email concepts

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline


  • What is Interact and what needs it satisfies
  • IBM Unica Interact key functions
  • Using Interact roles and tasks

Configuring Interactions, Part 1

  • Interact concepts and terminology
  • Process overview
  • Creating an interact channel
  • Creating Interact points
  • Creating events and categories
  • Creating self learning interactions

Configuring Interactions, Part 2

  • Configuring an Interactive Flowchart
  • Creating smart segments
  • Defining offers

Runtime Components

  • Creating Campaigns
  • Configuring Interaction Strategy
  • Creating treatment rules
  • Defining expressions

Interact Runtime components

  • Interact Runtime components
  • Profile and session data
  • Contact and response data

Interact Reporting and Analysis

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