Making APIs Work for You with IBM API Management V3 Eğitimi

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Making APIs Work for You with IBM API Management V3 (WE947G)

IBM Course Code: WE947G

This course prepares developers, administrators, and operational managers with the skills required to develop, deploy, test, publish, secure, and manage APIs with IBM API Management V3.

The course teaches you the features and user interfaces of the IBM API Management V3 product. It is designed to emulate the on-premises API Management solution.

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What You'll Learn

  • Describe the components of the IBM API Management V3 solution
  • Describe the architecture of the IBM API Management V3 solution
  • Describe the user interfaces for the IBM API Management V3 product
  • Describe the nature of the on-premises cloud
  • Identify the roles for working with IBM API Management V3
  • Identify the types of APIs that are used in digitalizing business assets
  • Describe the stages of API development
  • Work in the Cloud Management Console to set the API Manager infrastructure
  • Set API Provider organizations and environments
  • Administer user access to APIs
  • As providers, use the features of the IBM API Management interface to develop, deploy, publish, and secure APIs
  • Test APIs with the API sandbox feature
  • Create plans and policies for APIs
  • Describe the various identification and authentication mechanisms that the API Management solution supports
  • Add users to the Developer Portal
  • Enable developers to discover and work with APIs on the Developer Portal
  • Describe the features for API usage

Who Needs to Attend

This basic course is designed for application and API developers, administrators, and operations personnel.


You should have a general knowledge of application programming interfaces, either through experience or by successfully completing self-paced course, API Management Concepts (WBT) (VW420).

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Course introduction
  • Introduction to the IBM API Management V3 solution
  • Exercise: Reviewing the settings for the Gateway and Management servers
  • Operational aspects of user and resource management
  • Exercise: Setting up the API Provider organization resources and users
  • Defining APIs
  • Exercise: Exposing a RESTful API
  • Exercise: Exposing a SOAP service with API Management
  • Securing APIs
  • Exercise: Exposing a SOAP service as a REST API
  • API deployment, publishing, and version management
  • Exercise: Versioning and publishing a plan
  • Developer portal
  • Exercise: Working with the Developer Portal
  • Course summary

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