Managing HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) Eğitimi

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Managing HP Enterprise Virtual Arrays (EVA) (U4879)

This course combines theory and practical labs to teach you how to manage the HP Enterprise Virtual Array. You will cover in-depth the hardware, concepts, and terminology. You will learn configuration tasks, including Command View EVA, Local Replication using Business Copy EVA with Snapshots, Snapclones and Mirrorclones, and Replication Solutions Manager for Business Copy. You will also cover multipath management with HP multipath input/output device specific module (MPIO DSM) on Windows, native multi-pathing on HP-UX 11iv3, command line/scripting with storage system scripting utility (SSSU). You will learn to upgrade controller and disk drive firmware and explore the next generation EVA.

What You'll Learn

  • Features of the EVA solution family
  • Features and functions of the hierarchical storage virtualization (HSV) controllers and disk drive enclosures
  • EVA models and initial setup procedures
  • Terminology and concepts associated with the EVA architecture and storage virtualization
  • Perform storage system configuration activities with Command View EVA
  • EVA local replication capabilities and concepts
  • Concepts and capabilities of Business Copy EVA
  • Concepts and capabilities of Continuous Access EVA (at a high level)
  • Install and configure Replication Solutions Manager graphical user interface (GUI) and agents
  • Use the SSSU
  • Monitor and manage the EVA via logs and tools

Who Needs to Attend

  • System and storage administrators responsible for the configuration and day-to-day management of the EVA environment
  • Experienced software administrators responsible for managing and monitoring HP BladeSystem with Integrity c-Class blade servers


  • SAN and storage technologies training/experience
  • Operating system administration training/experience
  • Accelerated SAN Essentials (UC434)

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. EVA Hardware and Software

  • Storage Management Server
  • Virtualization Technology
    • eXtensible Controller Software (XCS)
  • Configuring and managing the EVA solution
  • Best Practices and Troubleshooting Sources

2. EVA Hardware

  • Hardware Configurations
  • Features and Capabilities of the Different Hardware Generations
  • Controllers and Disk Shelves

3. EVA4400 Controller and Management Module

  • HSV300 Controllers
  • EVA4400 Management Module

4. Controllers for Gen 4 Arrays

  • Fourth Generation Controllers:
    • HSV400 Controllers used with the EVA6400
    • HSV450 Controllers used with the EVA8400

5. Generation 2 Arrays

  • Second Generation Arrays:
    • HSV2x0 Controllers Used with the EVA4000/6000/8000 and EVA4100/6100/8100 Series Arrays
    • M5x14x Disk Enclosures

6. Drive Enclosure for Gen 3 and Gen 4 Arrays

  • Drive Enclosures Used with EVA4400/6400/8400 Arrays

7. Basic Concepts and Terminology

8. Command View EVA

  • HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software
  • Features, History, Delivery, and Software Interoperability
  • Server-Based Management of the EVA
  • Array-Based Management of the EVA
  • Command View EVA User Interface

9. Storage System Configuration

  • Command View EVA 9.x and Compatibility with Several Versions of Controller Software Code

10. Host System Configuration

  • Preparing and Configuring HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Host System

11. HP StorageWorks Multipath Solutions

  • Installing and Configuring MPIO DSM for Windows Hosts and Other Multipathing Solutions

12. Advanced Concepts and Terminology

13. Storage System Scripting Utility

  • Commands and Switches Available in the Utility:

14. Local Replication: Business Copy

  • Performing and Managing Local Replication Business Copy with EVA virtualization software

15. Replication Solution Manager

  • Local Replication Capabilities of the HP Replication Solution Manager

16. Continuous Access EVA Solution

17. Command View Scenarios

18. Troubleshooting Event Management

  • Events, Log Files, and Concepts

19. Performance Monitor

  • Using EVAPerf and Other Tools to Measure Performance of Products in the EVA Family

20. Upgrading EVA Software

  • Upgrading the XCS Firmware on the EVA Controllers
  • Upgrading the Disk Drive Firmware

21. Configuration Best Practices

  • EVA4x00/6x00/8x00 (current family) solutions
  • High availability
  • Performance
  • Cost Best Practices
  • Appendix: P6000
  • New Feature in the Family of EVA P6000

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