NonStop H-series and J-series Operating Systems Application Migration Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

This course is suitable fro System designers, Application developers and Support personnel.

This two-day course provides the information needed to convert applications to run on the Integrity NonStop systems and the Integrity NonStop BladeSystem. The course starts with an overview of the hardware architectures and then covers program migration information for each of the main languages. Other topics include the debuggers that are available on the new systems including the new Native Inspect debugger, the new linker, the changes to the ETK, the EPE, and the new Code Coverage and Code Profiling tools. Hands-on labs are used at various points to provide reinforcement of the lecture.

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Describe migration paths. Convert C/C++, pTAL, and COBOL application programs. Describe available program debuggers. Be familiar with NonStop Enterprise Plugins for Eclipse (EPE). Be familiar with the Integrity NonStop servers and the NonStop BladeSystem. Identify changed and discontinued products. Describe the eld linker. Discuss changes to the Enterprise Toolkit (ETK). Describe the Code Coverage and Code Profiling tools.

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