NonStop NS2000 Server Operations Management Differences Eğitimi

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NonStop NS2000 Server Operations Management Differences (HJ840)

In this course, you will prepare to operate and manage the new HP Integrity NonStop NS2000 system and receive an introduction to the new NonStop Multi-Core Architecture (NSMA). Through hands-on labs you will cover server configuration, operations, and networking and compared and contrast between the S-series and NS2000 servers.

What You'll Learn

  • New HP Integrity NonStop NS2000, including the NonStop Multi-Core Architecture (NSMA) and hardware components
  • Networking cluster I/O module (CLIM) and storage CLIM
  • System configurations
  • Updates to Open System Management (OSM)
  • Operational differences between S-series and NS2000 servers
  • Updates made to measure
  • Basic migration and related considerations
  • Familiarize with the new NS2000 servers, including NonStop Multi-Core Architecture, hardware components, and software products
  • NS2000 server installation and migration
  • Run an operational environment

Who Needs to Attend

  • System operators
  • System programmers
  • System analysts
  • System administrators
  • Users participating in NS2000 server operations


At least 6 months working experience on NonStop S-series server operational activities

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. NS2000

  • NS2000 Servers and Hardware
  • NS2000 Architecture
  • New I/O Infrastructure

2. NS2000 Blade Element Architecture

  • NS2000 Blade Element Architecture
  • NS2000 Blade Element

3. Versatile I/O (VIO) Architecture

  • VIO Components


  • IP CLIM Components
  • Cluster I/O Protocol (CIP)

5. Storage CLIM

  • Storage CLIM Components
  • Disk and Tape Options

6. Carrier-Grade (CG) CLIMs

  • CG IP and storage CLIM
  • CG CLIM differences

7. CG Components

  • CG Differences

8. System Configuration

  • Instruction Processing Units
  • Subsystem Control Facility (SCF) Changes
  • Using the climcmd

9. IP CLIM Configuration

  • Configuring Ethernet Port
  • Configuring Failover
  • Viewing Ethernet Configuration

10. Updates to HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM)

  • Plug-In for BladeSystem Servers
  • NonStop Cluster Essentials Enhancements
  • HP NonStop I/O Essentials
  • HP Insight Remote Support Advanced (IRSA)

11. Updates to Open System Management (OSM)

  • OSM CLIM Architecture
  • CLIM FRUs Monitored by OSM
  • SWAN Adapter Changes

12. Updates to Measure

  • New ID Fields
  • New CPU Counter Field
  • New Measure Entities

13. Migration

  • Migration Definitions and Considerations
  • Possible Migration Paths and Scenarios
  • NonStop Application Migration

14. DSM/SCM and OSBuilder

  • DSM/SCM Changes
  • OSBuilder Introduction


Lab 1: Subsystem Control Facility (SCF)

Lab 2: Open System Management (OSM)

Lab 3: Measure

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