OBI EE Advanced Modelling - Part 1 Eğitimi

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2 Days ILT    
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This training is suitable for any person with prior Database, Data-Warehouse or Business Intelligence experience.



Part 1 of the OBI EE “Advanced Modelling” series provides BI Developers and Architects with essential knowledge on the advanced concepts and key fundamentals behind the Oracle BI Server and BI Repository (RPD).

With no fewer than 18 realistic “hands-on” lab sessions, Delegates will receive significant first-hand experience with sophisticated Modelling techniques enabling them to model complex Data-Warehouse and Transactional (OLTP) data structures and also to implement and optimize Cross-Database Joins.

Delegates will learn how to provide End Users with usable and intuitive “Subject Areas” regardless of the underlying complexity within the physical data sources. In addition to Modelling, expertise will be gained in other important areas such as Variables, Logical Calculations and Security. Delegates will learn not only how to apply row-level data visibility but also to implement Authentication and Authorization using both Database and LDAP sources.



Course Contents (9 topics)

  • Modelling Star-Schemas and Snow-Flakes
  • Aggregate Navigation and De-normalization
  • Dimensions, Mini-Dimensions and Hierarchies
  • Conformed and Non-Conformed Dimensions
  • Modelling Third-Normal-Form (3NF) / OLTP structures
  • Session and Repository Variables
  • Security and Security Filters (via Database and LDAP)
  • Cross-Database Joins
  • Logical Calculations (Level Based Measures, Time Series)

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