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This training is suitable for any person with prior Database, Data-Warehouse or Business Intelligence experience. Attendance of the “OBI EE Advanced Modelling – Part 1“ course is a mandatory pre-requisite.



By completing Part 2 of the OBI EE “Advanced Modeling” series, BI Developers and Architects will become project-ready for all aspects of Oracle BI Server development. A minimum of 15 challenging “hands-on” lab sessions will guide Delegates through an extended range of sophisticated modeling techniques including Flat, Fragmented and Cube (Oracle Essbase / OLAP) data structures. In addition, Delegates will also learn the exciting capability of blending different types of data sources.

For example, using an Essbase cube as an aggregate layer with the ability to drill down to a relational source. Other significant areas of functionality will also be covered including BI Server Cache Management, Outer-Joins, Usage Tracking, Aggregate Persistence, Write-Back, and the “SA System” Subject Area. The seminar will finish with a session on teaching Delegates how to conduct a BI Repository (RPD) review.

Delegates will:

  • Learn advanced modeling techniques for the Oracle BI Repository (RPD)
  • Gain a deep understanding of the Oracle BI Server features and functions



Course Contents (9 topics)

  • Modeling Flat-Structures and Fragmented Data Sources
  • Outer-Joins
  • Implementing Write-Back
  • Modeling Oracle OLAP and Essbase Cubes
  • BI Server Cache Management (incl. Event Polling Tables)
  • Aggregate Persistence (Data-Mart Automation)
  • Usage Tracking
  • The “SA System” Subject Area
  • Design Principles 1-3 (Physical, Business Model and Presentation Layers)

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