OBI EE Advanced Presentations - Part 1 Eğitimi

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2 Days ILT    
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There are no suggested prerequisites for this course.


Part 1 of the OBI EE “Advanced Presentations” series will provide your Report Developers and Business “Power Users” with all the skills needed to design and build sophisticated BI Dashboards and Reports catering for multiple Business areas, roles and responsibilities. The seminar will start with a detailed deep-dive in to the wide range of features and functions provided by BI Answers, uncovering rarely-known capabilities that enable report developers to comfortably overcome complex requirements. There will also be an extensive look at BI Dashboards, covering many key features including Dashboard Prompts, Presentation Variables, Guided Navigation and Dashboard Commentary. Additional topics will cover BI Delivers, BI Office and, of course, the all important area of Dashboard security. A minimum of 13 “hands-on” lab sessions will challenge Delegates in to building a complete set of BI Dashboards covering 3 Business Areas and consisting of over 20 advanced interactive reports.



Course Contents (9 topics)

  • Working with BI Answers
  • Advanced BI Answers
  • Dashboard Design Principles
  • Working with BI Dashboards
  • BI Dashboards and Beyond
  • Dashboard Commentary
  • BI Delivers
  • BI Office
  • Presentation Security

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