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Attendance of the “OBI EE Advanced Presentations – Part 1” course is a mandatory prerequisit



Part 2 of the OBI EE “Advanced Presentations” series takes BI Developers and Architects way beyond the realm of Dashboards and Reports. Delegates will gain first-hand experience at implementing many advanced presentation features that are necessary for the more complex or “enterprise-wide” Business Intelligence deployments, which involve requirements such as:

  • Scheduling and distributing large volumes of official corporate reports
  • Authentication via a central “Single-Sign-On” system
  • Producing dashboards/reports with a standard “corporate” look & feel
  • Deploying reports in multiple languages
  • Providing effective support for a large global user base
  • Feeding reports to End Users via subscription-based channels (RSS)
  • Integration of Dashboards/Reports into a Corporate Portal
  • Embedding custom Javascript/HTML in to BI Dashboards



Course Contents (8 topics)

  • BI Publisher
  • Implementing Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Customising the Look & Feel of BI Dashboards/Answers (CSS Style Sheets)
  • RSS Integration
  • “Act As” (Proxy-User) Functionality
  • Multi-Language Capabilities
  • Portal Integration (Go-URL)
  • Dashboard Auto-Refresh (embedding Javascript into BI Dashboards)

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