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Course Description:
This content has been created specifically for users of the Operations Orchestration 9.0 application. This content provides you with easy access to self-paced learning content enabling you to not only dive directly into the online course, but also gain direct access to individual components allowing you to quickly master specific tasks.
• Access printable job aids targeted towards specific application task.
• View or practice a task in a simulated environment.
• Experience full learning with key terms & concepts, product demonstrations and self-assessments by viewing each entire module.

Regardless of which route chosen, users will gain an understanding of the important key concepts, as well as gain competency in both the navigation and functionality of the application.

HP Software's Interactive Training by ART is created by HPSW Subject Matter Experts and developed using HP’s own Adoption Readiness Tool software. This course contains simulations created specifically for end users of Operations Orchestration and students will gain an understanding of important key concepts, as well as effectively learn both the navigation and functionality of the Operations Orchestration product.

Please note that Interactive Training by ART is a hosted course which will provide great value to your organization via our standard prebuilt training. Interactive Training by ART, however, is not the Adoption Readiness Tool software, which can be purchased through a license agreement with HP, allowing you to customize our content for use in your environment.

• High speed internet connection.
• Web Browser (IE 7+ or Firefox 3.5+)
• For additional end user workstation requirements, view course files.

Please go to Learn More About ART or contact hpsoftware.art@hp.com for further information.

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