OO350 - Operations Orchestration 9.x Intermediate and Advanced Authoring Eğitimi

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HP  » Operations Orchestration Eğitimler

Course Description:
In the Intermediate and Advanced Authoring course you will become familiar with all aspects of authoring within Operations Orchestration 9.00. In this course you will learn how to:

- Author new operations to perform various tasks in your flows
- Incorporate subflows to simplify flow design
- Extract data from complex output using filters
- Use looping and iteration, control access to objects in the repository
- Persist data across flow runs
- Practice many advanced flow development techniques that will prepare you for working on a variety of Operations Orchestration deployments

The course consists of focused, task-oriented lectures and detailed hands-on labs. This is the Intermediate and Advanced course for Operations Orchestration.

This course covers Software versions 9.0
The hands-on labs are currently using software version 9.0

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