Open System Services (OSS) Accelerated commands and Utilities Eğitimi

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4 Days ILT    
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HP  » Operating Systems Eğitimler

This course is suitable for Application developers,System analysts and Support personnel.

Open System Services (OSS) is an open computing interface to the HP NonStop Kernel operating system and is based on POSIX standards. In this 4-day course, students will be introduced to UNIX basics for users, administrators, and programmers working in the NonStop Kernel OSS environment. Students will also learn about the OSS shell (based on the Korn shell), the OSS file system, and interoperability between the OSS interface and the Guardian interface to the NonStop operating system This course is 60 percent lecture and 40 percent lab.

Introduction to UNIX UNIX operating systems Linux operating systems POSIX.1 and POSIX.2 standard Common UNIX shells Shell used by NonStop Kernel OSS UNIX file system User groups Basic commands and concepts Logging on to OSS Directory structure Displaying content of directory and files Manipulating files and directories Printing from OSS environment Basic commands and utilities Managing OSS processes Using the vi screen editor Text-file editing options Moving files between the OSS and Guardian environments CTOEDIT and EDITTOC utilities Using the vi editor Advanced commands Setting up a user profile file Manipulating environment variables Recalling and editing commands Using the redirection facility Using commands and pipes Spooling and spooling operations How to print Load balancing commands File Compression Advanced utilities Using commands to create command sequences Review of various advanced commands Linking files SETUID, SETGID, and sticky permission bits Command scripting Invoking TACL commands from OSS Invoking OSS commands from TACL Writing shell scripts and shell functions The OSS shell Terminal settings Configuring the OSS Service Shell Variables The OSS File System OSS pathnames Using the gname/pname utilities File-sharing groups Lab exercise: File permissions OSS/Guardian Interoperability The OSH and gtacl bridge utilities Interoperating commands Printing from the OSS environment Advanced freeware Identifying open source locations Identifying available open source software

Introduction to UNIX Basic commands and concepts Using the vi screen editor Advanced commands Advanced utilities Command scripting The OSS files system OSS/Guardian Interoperability Advanced freeware

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