Operations Orchestration 9.x Essentials Eğitimi

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Course description
In this course you become familiar with all aspects of working with Operations Orchestration 9.00. You learn how to use Central, the Operations Orchestration runtime engine, to locate, run, and monitor automated workflows. The course covers how to use Central to perform many important administration tasks. Learn to author and deploy automated workflows with Operations Orchestration Studios. Install, configure, and verify HP Operations Orchestration. Manage the Operations Orchestration content repository.
The course consists of focused, task oriented lectures and detailed hands on labs. This is the foundation course for subsequent advanced training in Operations Orchestration.
This course covers Software versions 9.0
The hands-on labs are currently using software version 9.0

Who should attend

New users of HP Operations
Orchestration 9.0


For specific prerequisites and requirements to achieve any of the related certifications, see the certification description on the HP ExpertOne website.


  • Getting Started With HP Operations Orchestration
    • Logging in to OO Central
    • Becoming familiar with Central’s organization and user interface
    • Using Central to run and manage automated workflows
  • Administration Basics
    • Becoming familiar with OO Central’s administration capabilities
    • Managing authentication and security
    • Reporting, Chart Definitions, and Scheduling
    • Managing system configuration, node administration, and the runtime environment
    • System maintenance
  • Authoring Basics
    • Becoming familiar with the Studio Integrated Development Environment
    • Using Studio to author simple to complex workflows
    • Managing flow data with Inputs and Results
    • Modifying an existing workflow – Best practices
    • Testing and debugging workflows
    • Creating documentation for workflows
  • Installation and Verification
    • Evaluating your system prior to installation
    • Configuring the database server – MS SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL
    • Installing and configuring Operations Orchestration Central
    • Installing and configuring Operations Orchestration Studio
    • Verifying installations
  • Repository Basics
    • Becoming familiar with Operations Orchestration repositories
    • Working in a shared repository environment
    • Creating a new local repository
    • Publishing and updating repositories
    • Working with repository snapshots
    • Using the Repository Utility command-line interface to manage repositories and automate
    • repository tasks


After completing this course, you should be able to do the following:
  • Use Operations Orchestration Central to run and manage automated workflows
  • Perform basic system administration tasks with Central
  • Use Operations Orchestration Studio to author new workflows
  • Modify existing workflows
  • Create documentation for workflows
  • Verify your system configuration prior to installing Operations Orchestration
  • Configure the database for Operations Orchestration installation
  • Install Operations Orchestration Central
  • Install Operations Orchestration Studio
  • Manage Operations Orchestration content repositories


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