Oracle Data Integrator 12c: New Features Eğitimi

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This Oracle Data Integrator workshop details the new features and techniques of using Oracle Data Integrator 12c (ODI) for implementing high-performance movement. Expert Oracle University instructors will help you explore transformation of data among various platforms.Learn To: Perform transformation of data among various platforms using Oracle Data Integrator 12c .Design ODI Mappings and Packages to perform ELT data transformations. Debug and troubleshoot ODI mappings and packages using Step by Step debugger.Perform data integration and transformation among various platforms using advanced techniques.Integrate ODI 12c with Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle GoldenGate and OPSS Enterprise Roles.Create ODI agents using Common Administration Model.Benefits to YouInvesting in this course will teach you how to improve performance and reduce integration costs across your organization's heterogeneous systems. Centralize data across databases using your new skills to perform data integration, design mappings, debug integration projects and enhance ODI security.Explore ODI StudioODI Studio is the new declarative ODI12c flow-based user interface. Learn how to use it to administer the IT infrastructure and metadata, develop projects and for monitor executions.Efficient Data TransformationLearn how to use the Common Administration Model for the configuration of ODI agents, and how to design ODI mappings with various components, and how to use parallel target tables load and in-session parallelism for efficient data transformations.Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle GoldenGateFor large enterprise deployments, there is almost always a need for enterprise data extraction, loading, and transformation. Taking this course will teach you how to implement integration of ODI in an Enterprise environment with products like Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle GoldenGate.ODI SecurityLearn how to enhance the ODI security by integration with OPSS Enterprise Roles.ImportantThis course assumes you have a working knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator 11g.


Business Analysts
Data Warehouse Developer
Database Administrators
Process Developer


Design ODI mappings and packages to perform ELT data transformations
Implement multiple target loads and in-session parallelism
Describe methods of integration of ODI 12c in Enterprise environment
Perform debugging ODI mappings and packages using Step-by-Step debugger
Become familiar with various ODI components
Develop data transformation projects by using ODI 12c Declarative flow-based user interface



Developing Mapping in ODI 12c

Step-by-Step Debugger

Integration of ODI in Enterprise Environment and Using Common Administration Model

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