OS X 301: Advanced OS X Directory Services v10.9 Eğitimi

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1 Day ILT    

OS X 301: Advanced OS X Directory Services v10.9

This two-day course focuses on both OS X Mavericks as a directory service client, and OS X Mavericks Server as a directory server. Cross platform solutions are emphasized in both instances. In working with Mavericks, you will learn how to use network accounts and Kerberos authentication with any common directory service, such as Apple's Open Directory, Microsoft's Active Directory, or an industry-standard LDAP Server. You will learn both basic and advanced options via the user interface and command line including scripting options to facilitate easier integration.

In working with Server for OS X Mavericks, you will learn how to run a robust, scalable directory system using Apple's Open Directory service. You will also learn how to integrate Server into an Active Directory environment and to provide management using both dual-directory and profile based solutions. This course is a combination of lecture and hands-on case study exercises that provide practical, real-world experience. There will also be a focus on what has changed and what has stayed the same between the latest versions of OS X, from Leopard through Mavericks.

Who Needs to Attend

System administrators and IT professionals who need to gain specific knowledge about local accounts and directory services, how to effectively configure Mavericks computers to access directory services, and how to effectively configure Server for OS X Mavericks to provide and supplement directory services in a mixed-platform environment.


  • Moderate experience with Mac OS X, or Mavericks 101
  • Experience with Server for OS X, or Mavericks 201
  • Experience using the command-line interface with OS X is also helpful but not required

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. The Local Directory

  • Anatomy of a user account
  • Records, attributes, and values
  • The users and groups system preference
  • Directory utility
  • Workgroup manager
  • dscl command line tool
  • Scripting automatic creation of user accounts
  • Creating invisible Users
  • Modifying advanced user authorization via sudo and the authorization file
  • Troubleshooting local login issues

2. Connecting to an Apple Open Directory Server

  • Anonymous vs. authenticated binding
  • Binding with SSL security
  • Mobile Accounts
  • Networked home folders

3. Connecting to a Microsoft Active Directory Domain

  • Binding manually
  • Binding automatically via script or Apple remote desktop
  • Mobile accounts
  • Networked home folders
  • Remapping and extending schema

4. Connecting to an LDAP Directory

  • RFC2307 standards
  • Remapping and extending schema
  • Variables and maps
  • Networked home folders

5. Hosting an Open Directory Server

  • Creating users
  • Importing and exporting accounts
  • Hosting home folders
  • Archiving and restoring a Mac server

6. Open Directory Replicas

  • Binding to a replica
  • Load balancing
  • Failover
  • Locales
  • Promoting a replica to master

7. Kerberos

  • Overview of Kerberos
  • Ticket viewer
  • Command Line
  • Troubleshooting Kerberos
  • Further Reading

8. Magic Triangle

  • Connecting Open Directory and Active Directory
  • Managed preferences
  • Device management with profile manager

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