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2 Days ILT    

This course is inteded for Technically oriented subject matter expert (SME) such as an Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) who has little experience and expertise in presales, Sales-orientated SME with adequate experience and expertise in technical details and students with an earlier, expired Accredited Presales Professional (APP) certificate for a different field such as BCS, ISS or NSS.

The Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Solutions training is a comprehensive three-day course that delivers the technical presales information necessary to help participants provide the technical support needed during the sale of HP enterprise-class products and solutions, including the positioning of these solutions. A series of comprehensive lab assignments reinforces learning concepts.

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Describe planning and designing principles and best practices. Explain mandatory and optional customer requirements. Describe HP sizing tools and explain why it is important to size and configure solutions according to the customer's requirements. List the sizing tools for industry standard applications and where to locate them. Describe the tools and resources available for implementing the solution. Provide a description of methods and resources for solution validation. Identify current expansion opportunities that can lead to up-selling and cross-selling products and services. Describe planning and designing guidelines for the HP product line. HP Integrity Blades. HP ProCurve network solutions. Describe planning and designing guidelines for the operating system. Linux. HP-UX. VMWare. List and describe the different perspectives from which the existing infrastructure needs to be analysed. Describe the different types of HP Care Pack services and locate the HP Care selector tool. Describe the tools and resources available for implementing a solution. Describe SalesBUILDER for Windows and HP eConfigure Solutions tool and describe how they are used to configure customer solutions. Identify and describe tools used to locate and validate the supported parts for each individual hardware component. List the explanations of the proposed solution that the customer expects. Identify future expansion opportunities and the considerations that should be taken into account when sizing a solution. HP Business Critical Servers portfolio. HP StorageWorks solutions. HP ProCurve portfolio. Microsoft Windows Server. Sun Microsystems Solaris. OpenVMS. Operating system deployment tools.

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