Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) Technical Training Eğitimi

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2 Days ILT    

Scale Out Network Attached Storage (SONAS) Technical Training (SSD0G)

IBM Course Code: SSD00

This course covers details and usage of the SONAS product. Hands-on exercises include configuration aspects of the product using the command line interface (CLI) and the graphical user interface (GUI). The participants will create shares on the SONAS and verify file access from Windows and Linux clients. They will also learn how to configure the SONAS storage and file systems, Backup with TSM, automated storage tiering with information lifecycle management (ILM) and hierarchical storage management (HSM) along with asynchronous replication between two SONAS systems. The new R1.3 features like fileset level snapshots, file cloning and Active Cloud Engine will also be discussed.

What You'll Learn

  • Describe the SONAS concepts, architecture and features
  • Describe the various SONAS hardware configuration elements
  • Use the SONAS command line interface and graphical user interface
  • Describe GUI navigation and monitoring capabilites
  • Explain SONAS export management and dependencies
  • Know Samba and CTDB concepts
  • Describe the supported SONAS authentication concepts
  • Explain ID mapping mechanisms and dependencies
  • Describe GPFS concepts and features as they are supported in SONAS
  • Explain and setup storage and filesystem configuration options
  • Describe and perform snapshots creation and restore from snapshots
  • Describe snapshot retention
  • Describe file cloning
  • Describe TSM backup integration and TSM server dependencies
  • Describe NDMP backup integration
  • Explain and setup SONAS ILM/HSM
  • Describe policies and rule implications
  • Know policy rule best practices
  • Describe the SONAS network dependencies
  • Explain and setup DNS round robin, NTP and NAT Gateway
  • Explain and configure SONAS asynchronous replication
  • Describe the management and monitoring of asynchronous replication
  • Describe concepts and use cases of the Active Cloud Engine
  • Explain details about WAN caching configuration
  • Describe SONAS monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities
  • Explain and setup SONAS eMail and SNMP notifications
  • Describe SONAS reporting capabilities

Who Needs to Attend

This is an intermediate course for individuals who use or plan to deploy SONAS


This course is a hands-on technical training class and requires technical skills.

You should have:

  • an advanced understanding of storage and networking technologies, especially in the network-attached storage (file services) area.

A good knowledge of Windows and/or Linux is also recommended.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: SONAS overview
  • Unit 2: SONAS hardware configurations
  • Unit 3: Lab environment overview
  • Exercise 1: Lab access
  • Unit 4: SONAS CLI overview
  • Unit 5: SONAS GUI overview
  • Exercise 2: Access and verify the virtual SONAS environment
  • Exercise 3: GUI introduction and Health Center
  • Unit 6: SONAS file access
  • Exercise 4: Export protocols and verify NFS/CIFS/FTP/HTTP/SCP access
  • Unit 7: SONAS authentication and user mapping
  • Exercise 5: Authentication and access control
  • Unit 8: SONAS storage concepts
  • Exercise 6: File sets, snapshots, quotas, failure groups and synchronous replication
  • Unit 9: TSM/NDMP backup details and configuration
  • Unit 10: ILM/HSM details and configuration
  • Exercise 7: Storage pools, ILM/HSM policies
  • Unit 11: SONAS network configuration
  • Unit 12: SONAS asynchronous replication
  • Exercise 8: Network setup (Optional)
  • Exercise 9: Configure async replication
  • Unit 13: SONAS Active Cloud Engine
  • Unit 14: SONAS monitoring and support
  • Exercise 10: Monitoring, notification, problem determination and logging

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