Series 7 Version 3 and 4 - Advanced Impromptu Reporting Eğitimi

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Series 7 Version 3 and 4 - Advanced Impromptu Reporting (Z3304G )

IBM Course Code: J0304

Series 7 Version 3 and 4 - Advanced Impromptu Reporting is a one-day, self paced course that focuses on advanced reporting techniques for report builders, analysts, and administrators. Students learn techniques to create high-performance, real-world business reports. These skills extend well beyond those developed in Impromptu Series 7.x Report Building.

Through Hands-on demos and workshops, and an understanding of how Impromptu works you learn to develop systems of reports. You incorporate optimizing concepts like client/server balancing as well as distribution practices such as preparing for publishing to the Web. Because the requirements of each Impromptu environment are unique, this course emphasizes general concepts that can be tailored to your specific environment.

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is for Impromptu users who will be creating, customizing, and distributing reports.


You should have:

  • Series 7.x Report Building with Impromptu or equivalent experience with Impromptu
  • One to three months of hands-on experience creating Impromptu Reports
  • Experience with SQL, HTML and scripting languages would be valuable

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

Systems of Reports

  • Review basic concepts
  • Create sub-reports
  • Use linked and unlinked sub-reports
  • Explore different sub-report options
  • Associate Impromptu reports to drill through from one report to another
  • Set a default drill-through report

Advanced Crosstabs

  • Explain what a crosstab report is
  • Explore summarization options
  • Explore methods for creating crosstab reports
  • Discuss methods for manipulating crosstab report data
  • Explore crosstab filters
  • Add calculations and advanced calculations to the report

Optimization Techniques

  • Use local data sources for faster data access
  • User query options to reduce unnecessary work
  • Shift work to the database

Distributions and IWR Authoring

  • Prepare Impromptu reports for distribution locally
  • Prepare Impromptu reports for distribution to Impromptu Web Reports (IWR)


  • Discuss templates and their benefits
  • Define the various uses of templates

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