Series 7 Versions 3 and 4 - Report Building with Impromptu Eğitimi

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Series 7 Versions 3 and 4 - Report Building with Impromptu (Z3303G )

IBM Course Code: J0303

Series 7 Versions 3 and 4 - Report Building with Impromptu is a two-day, self paced course that focuses on the practical application and in-depth understanding of Impromptu, so that report builders, analysts, and administrators have the ability to apply what they learn to their specific business environment.

The course teaches you how to create, organize, customize, and format reports. The emphasis is on standard and ad hoc reporting. You will learn how to meet the ever-changing needs of your user community and accommodate potential changes to source databases and organizational structures.

Who Needs to Attend

This intermediate course is for Impromptu users who will be creating, customizing, and distributing reports.


  • Ability to identify your company's business requirements for data access and reporting
  • Working knowledge of the Windows environment, including switching between open applications, closing or sizing windows, and performing actions such as drag-and-drop, shift-click, and control-click.

Follow-On Courses

  • Series 7 Version 3 and 4 - Advanced Impromptu Reporting (Z3304G )

Course Outline

Just the Basics

  • Learn what Impromptu is and what it can do for you
  • Navigate the Impromptu user interface
  • Describe the relationship between the data source, the Impromptu catalog and folders, and Impromptu reports
  • Build and ad hoc query
  • Use the Report Wizard to create a report
  • Add and remove data from both the report and the query

Organizing Data

  • Sort data
  • Group data
  • Define headers and footers
  • Group and associate columns

Creating Basic Filters

  • Define filters
  • Use the toolbar to create a filter
  • Use the expression editor to create filters
  • Use a predefined condition

Creating Prompt Filters

  • Define prompts
  • Explore various prompt types
  • Use a catalog prompt
  • Create and use picklist prompts
  • Create and use cascading prompts

Customizing Data

  • Create calculations
  • Use IF...THEN...ELSE in a calculation
  • Examine the different ways of creating summaries
  • Create a summary report
  • Use detail and summary filters
  • Discover how Auto-group works
  • Identify the two types of summary associations

Crosstab Basics

  • Define Crosstab reports
  • Identify simple methods for creating Crosstab reports
  • Examine the Crosstab tab in the Query dialog box


  • Identify and define various types of Impromptu functions
  • Combine functions to provide advanced calculations
  • Convert various data types by using functions
  • Manipulate date and date-time data types

Working with Frames

  • Identify, define, and use the different types of frames
  • Add a header to the list report
  • Change the properties of various types of frames
  • Change the data display properties of a form frame by using Scope of Data


  • Create and apply a style
  • Identify exceptional data
  • Stack, align, and group report objects Add report variables to reports
  • Discuss column header attributes, page breaks, and page setup to improve overall appearance of your report


  • Create, remove, and recreate a snapshot
  • Insert a snapshot timestamp

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