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Session Manager Administration is a virtual instructor led, hands-on course through which students learn how to manage and administer Session Manager. (A class-based, instructor led version of this course is also available, course reference 5U00082I, extended to also include an ILT version of System Manager Administration, 5U00080V.)

Session Manager Instance Administration: Students learn how to administer the Session Manager platform and ensure critical relationships are established. Domains Locations: Bandwidth and Call Admissions Control parameters Session Manager as SIP Entity Session Manager Instances Verification: Dashboard, Enable Service, Data Replication Session Manager Network Routing Policy Administration Students learn how to define and apply Network Routing Policies on Avaya Aura's Session Manager. They are introduced to NRP concepts and are guided through the experience of creating the required data structures and combining them as routing policies, all of which are tested in a real world environment. Session Manager User Administration students learn how to create and administer various Users in the Session Manager environment. What is a User A Communication Profile PPM and dynamic download of user specific settings to phone SIP Registration and Location Calls scenarios: SIP users, non-SIP users, same SM, different SM… Redundancy – Failing users over to Secondary SM in the core and in the branch Multiple Communication Adresses & Multiple Communication Profiles Endpoint Profile – establishing CM user relationships through System Manager Synching CM with System Manager – Managed Elements Working with CM station settings in System Manager Create SIP User Associated to existing CM Station Create SIP User and create CM Station Session Manager, CM and other Feature Server Administration Students learn how to perform ‘User related administration' in the new environment. They are guided through practical tasks relating to: User Profile, Station Administration and phone settings (PPM) Sequenced Applications Named Applications Event handling Trouble shooting Session Manager Students learn how to identify and solve Session Manager related problems. Content for this module is based on real support tickets received by Avaya Services. Issues are replicated in the lab.

Session Manager Instances Session Manager Users Session Manager Network routing policies Routing Through Sequenced Applications


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