UCSMINI2 - Cisco UCS Mini Administration and Troubleshooting Eğitimi

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UCSMINI2 - Cisco UCS Mini Administration and Troubleshooting

Learn about the Cisco UCS Mini solution and its hardware.

In this course, you will learn about the Cisco UCS Mini solution. This intensive training helps you understand the key features, configuration steps, configuration interfaces, and the physical specifications of the Cisco UCS Mini's associated hardware. This course will also focus on many common issues in the Unified Fabric, chassis, servers, and how to identify and resolve these issues.

What You'll Learn

  • UCS Mini's 5108 chassis and updated backplane
  • UCS Mini's supported topologies
  • UCS Mini vs. "Classic" data center remote management
  • Normal operation of the UCS Mini with Cisco UCS Manager 3.0
  • Administration tasks of the UCS Mini with Cisco UCS Manager 3.0
  • Troubleshoot the UCS Mini using the Cisco UCS Manager 3.0 (GUI)
  • Troubleshoot the UCS Mini using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Who Needs to Attend

  • IT staff tasked with administration or troubleshooting the Cisco UCS Mini solution
  • Channel partners desiring to learn how to administer or troubleshoot the Cisco UCS Mini solution


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. UCS Mini Hardware Overview

  • Cisco UCS 5108 Chassis
  • Updated Backplane, Fabric Interconnect, IOMs, PSUs
  • Fabric Interconnect 6324 Integrated Networking
  • UCS Mini Power Enhancements
  • Cisco UCS vs. Cisco UCS Mini Comparison

2. Common UCS Mini Supported Topologies

  • Supported Topologies with Blade and Rack Servers
  • Network Attached Storage (IP-Based Connectivity)
  • Direct Attached Storage (DAS)
  • SAN Attached Storage (FC/FCoE)
  • Storage Features and Support
  • Supported Scale Numbers

3. UCS Mini vs. "Classic" UCS Server Support

  • Maximum Servers Supported per Domain
  • Support for Specific B-Series vs. C-Series Servers
  • Single Connect Support
  • Switching and EHM/NPV mode

4. Remote Office/Branch Office Compared to Data Center Administration

  • Cisco UCS Mini Deployed in a ROBO Location
  • Centrally Managed Using Cisco UCS Central Software in Data Center
  • Cisco UCS Central Software Release 1.2
  • Remote Firmware Management with Cisco UCS Central Software

5. Supported Administration Options for UCS Mini

  • Full-Featured Cisco UCS Manager
  • Cisco UCS Manager 3.0 "Fletcher Cove" for UCS Mini
  • Cisco UCS Director API
  • Cisco UCS Central Software Support for UCS Mini
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Cisco UCS Mini Firmware Management

6. Administering UCS Mini Global Network configurations

  • Uplink VLANs
  • Ports and Uplinks
  • Ethernet and Appliance Ports
  • FC Appliance Ports
  • FC Zoning Policies
  • QoS Classes and QoS Policy for Jumbo MTU

7. Cisco UCS Mini Remote Office / Branch Office Management

  • Using UCS Central
  • Using UCS Central for a Remote Office Branch Office

8. Troubleshooting UCS Mini Identifier Pool misconfigurations

  • Server UUID Pool Resources
  • MAC Address Pool Resources
  • WWN Pool Resources
  • Management IP address pool resources

9. Troubleshooting UCS Mini Server Pool misconfigurations

  • Server Pool
  • Server Pool Policy Qualification
  • Server Pool Policy

10. Troubleshooting UCS Mini Service Profile and Template misconfigurations

  • Common Service Profile Misconfigurations
  • Common Service Profile Template Misconfigurations
  • Common Esxi And vCenter Misconfigurations

11. Troubleshooting Servers and VM's issues

  • Common B-Series and C-Series Server Issues
  • Common VM Boot Failure Issues
  • Troubleshooting Common Windows Server 2012 VM Installation Issues

12. Troubleshooting UCS Performance issues

  • Performance Problems
  • Methodology Behind UCS Performance
  • Network and Storage Performance-Related Issues
  • Effective Inbox Tools and Free Third-Party Utilities
  • CLI-Based Commands and Outputs Commonly used by Cisco TAC


Lab 1: Identify connectivity issues with the 5108 Chassis and UCSM 3.0

Lab 2: Create a new User Account and setting its Access Permissions

Lab 3: Administer an existing and add a new VLAN configuration

Lab 4: Administer and modify an existing Service Profile

Lab 5: Administer and modify an existing Power Policy

Lab 6: Troubleshoot a Service Profile and its Template

Lab 7: Troubleshoot a B-Series Server

Lab 8: Identify a failed Windows Server 2012 VM installation

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