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VNX Block Storage Performance Workshop (MR-1CN-VNXBP)

In this course, you will gain thorough exposure to performance on the VNX Block platform with NXE OE for Block Release 32 and Unisphere. You will focus on the use of Unisphere Analyzer, Unisphere, and Navisphere Secure CLI to gather performance statistics, and the analysis of those performance statistics. You will also cover how to gather performance statistics from the VNX system, and the analysis of those performance statistics. Other topics include gathering performance statics from common host platforms and the use of those statistics in performance analysis. You will learn the performance implications of using VNX Block Replication Software (SnapView, VNX Snapshots, MirrorView, and SAN Copy). You will learn to analyze pre-captured data through in-depth discussions and extensive hands on lab exercises. This course currently supports VNX Block OE R32.

What You'll Learn

  • Define VNX Block performance using metrics and workload analysis
  • Use Block performance tools for analysis and troubleshooting
  • Define the performance implications of different disk and RAID typesDefine the performance implications of different disk and RAID types
  • Identify Block-related performance considerations including FAST VP, FAST cache, and Data Compression
  • Explain the performance considerations when using SnapView, SAN Copy and MirrorView

Who Needs to Attend

This course is intended for individuals who will gather and interpret performance-related information from VNX Block storage systems and hosts, and analyze that information. Performance analysis is useful in the planning stages of an implementation, and is useful for troubleshooting real or perceived performance problems.


  • Knowledge and skills associated with:
  • VNX models, components, management options, and features
  • Data integrity and availability features found in a VNX Block storage system
  • VNX Block performance, storage configuration, and provisioning concepts
  • PowerPath performance, transparent recovery and availability features in an open systems host environment
  • SAN terminology, features, architecture, theory of operations, and management for Fibre Channel FCoE, and iSCSI SANs
  • VNX SnapView, VNX Snapshots, VNX MirrorView, and VNX SAN Copy operation, terminology, and performance
  • VNX Unified Storage Management

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Performance and the VNX Block Storage System

  • Performance
  • VNX Block Architecture and Operation

2. Performance Tools

  • Unisphere and Navisphere Secure CLI
  • Unisphere Analyzer
  • Performance Analysis with Unisphere Analyzer
  • Host-Based Performance Monitoring Tools

3. Factors Affecting VNX Block Performance

  • Environment-Related Factors
  • VNX Block-Related Factors

4. VNX Block Replication Software

  • VNX Block Local Replication Software
  • VNX Block Remote Replication Software

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