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3 Days ILT    

VNX Unified Storage Performance Workshop

In this course, you will gain thorough exposure to performance on the VNX Unified Storage platform. You will focus on the use of Unisphere Analyzer, Navisphere Secure CLI, and File server_stats to gather performance statistics from the VNX Unified, and the analysis of those performance statistics. You will also learn to gather performance statistics utilizing different workload patterns, RAID and disk types. You will cover in detail the performance implications of using Block Replication Software (SnapView, MirrorView and SAN Copy) and File-related Features (SnapSure, Data Deduplication, and Replicator). The course includes extensive hands-on labs and currently supports VNX Block OE R31.5 and File OE 7.0.35.

What You'll Learn

  • VNX Unified performance using metrics and workload analysis
  • Use Block and File performance tools for analysis and troubleshooting
  • Performance implications regarding different disk and RAID types
  • File-related performance considerations including AVM functionality
  • Block-related performance considerations including FAST and FAST cache
  • Impact of using File features such as SnapSure, Replicator, and Data Deduplication
  • Performance considerations when using SnapView and Clones
  • Impact in using SAN Copy and MirrorView on an application

Who Needs to Attend

Individuals who are responsible for architecting and implementing VNX Unified solutions, as well as diagnosing and troubleshooting VNX Unified performance issues


  • An understanding of:
    • VNX Unified architecture and features
    • IP Networking
    • Block and File storage configuration and provisioning
  • VNX Unified Storage Management

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Performance

  • Workload Considerations
  • VNX Unified Architecture

2. Block Performance Tools

  • Unisphere Analyzer
  • Navisphere Secure CLI
  • Unisphere Quality of Service Manager

3. Disk and RAID Type Considerations

  • Disk Considerations
  • RAID Considerations

4. File-Related Performance Considerations

  • VNX File Volume Management
  • Network Considerations

5. Block-Related Performance Considerations

  • Environmental Factors
  • FAST and FAST Cache
  • Data Compression
  • Virtual Provisioning

6. File Performance Tools

  • Server_stats
  • File Statistics and Celerra Monitor

7. VNX File Features Best Practices

8. SnapSure

  • Replicator
  • Data Deduplication

9. VNX Block Local Replication Software

  • Block Local Replication

10. VNX Block Remote Replication Software

  • Block Remote Replication

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