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3 Days ILT    
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EMC  » VPLEX Eğitimler
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VPLEX Management

Learn how to install, manage, use, monitor, and maintain a functional VPLEX system.

In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how to install, manage, monitor, and maintain a functional VPLEX system. You will cover operational aspects of a VPLEX Local, Metro, and Geo using Unisphere for VPLEX and the VPLEX CLI. The emphasis will be on provisioning virtualized storage from VPLEX to hosts and performing operations on live virtual volumes, such as mobility and mirroring. You will also learn to integrate VPLEX into existing data centers with live production data and interoperability considerations. You will also cover routine monitoring and security features of VPLEX. This course covers version 5.0.

What You'll Learn

  • Common VPLEX terms, configuration options, hardware and software architecture
  • Data flow within a VPLEX system
  • Manage VPLEX using Unisphere and CLI
  • Create virtual volumes and provision them to hosts
  • Encapsulate existing SAN storage into VPLEX
  • Configure Distributed Volumes for a VPLEX Metro system
  • Describe integration and interoperability considerations that apply when preparing to deploy VPLEX into a data center.
  • Who Needs to Attend

    Anyone responsible for:

    • Manage VPLEX Operations


    An understanding of:

    • SCSI and Fibre Channel protocols
    • Storage Area Network (SAN) concepts
    • IP networking basics
    • EMC SAN implementation and Connectrix switch administration
    • Storage provisioning procedures, including Symmetrix and CLARiiON arrays
    • Basic familiarity with host operating systems, including Windows and Linux/UNIX (shell)
    • Familiarity with one or more server virtualization platforms

    Follow-On Courses

    There are no follow-ons for this course.

    Course Outline

    1. Product and Technology Details

    2. Maintenance, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting

    3. Provisioning with VPLEX

    4. Provisioning Remote Access with VPLEX

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