Watch4net Installation, Implementation, and Management Eğitimi

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3 Days ILT    

Watch4net Installation, Implementation, and Management

This course provides the learner with an in-depth understanding of how to install, manage, monitor, and maintain a functional Watch4net platform.

In this course, you will learn how to install, manage, monitor, and maintain a functional Watch4net platform. Operational aspects of Watch4net, using both the Web Platform GUI and the CLI, are also covered. The emphasis will be on configuring Watch4net, configuring collectors, and installing and monitoring the network environment with SolutionPacks. You will also learn about the integration of Watch4net into existing data centers with live production data and interoperability considerations. This course also covers routine monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting of Watch4net and hands-on labs. This course covers version 6.2u1.

What You'll Learn

  • Hardware, software, and OS prerequisites
  • Install and configure a single and multi-server Watch4net platform
  • Customize and administer the Watch4net Web Portal
  • Manage users, roles, and profiles
  • Complete a platform upgrade
  • Use the Module Manager to install and update services
  • Configure Watch4net to gather information from various network sources
  • Install and configure Smarts, VMware, ProSphere, Remote Shell, Text, XML, SQL, JMX, and SNMP collectors
  • Configure Device Discovery to import devices from various sources
  • Install and view base reports provided within existing SolutionPacks and ReportPacks
  • Use filters to perform data enrichment
  • Install and configure alerts using the alerting module
  • Monitor Watch4net platform health
  • Perform troubleshooting diagnostics and data collection

Who Needs to Attend

Individuals who are responsible for architecting, implementing, configuring, managing, and supporting Watch4net solutions


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, you should have knowledge and skills associated with the following:

  • SNMP and XML concepts
  • Data processing theories and concepts
  • Network protocol behaviors and configuration
  • Intermediate operating system administration for ESX, UNIX, and Windows
  • Basic performance management and reporting concepts

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

1. Pre-installation and Design

2. Watch4net Base Installation

3. Web Portal Administration

4. Upgrades and Maintenance

5. Dedicated Collectors

6. Generic Collectors

7. Transaction Collectors

8. Device Discovery

9. Filters and Data Enrichment

10. Alerting Module

11. Monitoring and Troubleshooting


This course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.

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