Workload Partitions (WPAR) Manager for AIX Eğitimi

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IBM  » AIX, UNIX Eğitimler

Workload Partitions (WPAR) Manager for AIX (AN74G)

IBM Course Code: AN740

You will learn how to install and configure the IBM Workload Partitions Manager for AIX product, and use it to create and manage both application and system workload partitions (WPARs). The course also explains the configuration requirements for a WPAR to be relocated to another hosting AIX instance using Live Application Mobility. Hands-on exercises will reinforce the lecture and give you practice creating and managing WPARs, and performing relocation operations using the Workload Partitions Manager graphical user interface.

What You'll Learn

  • Install WPAR Manager as an IBM Systems Director plugin
  • Install WPAR Manager Agent on an AIX managed endpoint.
  • Create and manage WPARs using IBM Workload Partitions Manager
  • Configure WPARs for relocation
  • Perform manual WPAR relocation operations
  • Describe the options for configuring automated WPAR relocation

Who Needs to Attend

This advanced course is for AIX and Power system administrators who want to deploy and manage applications within Workload Partitions, in order to reduce overhead and provide deployment and relocation flexibility provided by this facility.


You will be expected to have attended (or have equivalent knowledge of):

  • AIX Workload Partitions Installation and Managementand its prerequisites
  • IBM Systems Director 6.2 for Power Systems I: Installation and Management and its prerequisites.

Follow-On Courses

There are no follow-ons for this course.

Course Outline

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1 - Installing and Configuring WPAR Manager
  • Exercise 1 - Installing and Configuring WPAR Manager
  • Unit 2 - Creating and Managing WPARs
  • Exercise 2 - Creating and Managing WPARs
  • Unit 3 - WPAR Relocation
  • Exercise 3 - WPAR Relocation

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